Saturday, November 6, 2010

2010 Winder Family Deer Camp

Nia is now the shortest one of these 3 cousins... a few short months ago, she was the tallest... thus the sad face! from left: Tanner LeFevre, Logan Winder, Shania Hurst
What uncle Chris feeds Harley when mama (Julie) is not looking!
Shanley Wadsworth (Lori's daughter)
Bailey Wadsworth (Lori's daughter)
Rick Smart, JJ Smart, Larry, and Melissa Jones

Uncle Larry cooking the YUMMY dutch-oven chicken and potatoes
This is a rare sight! Ken LeFevre saying the prayer... grandma Winder had just announced that the last one to talk had to say the prayer... that was a challenge for Ken (obviously!)
Lori Winder
Trevin Woodcox and Rick Smart
JJ Smart
Kevin Jones
Kyson Woodcox (Kristi's son)
Cameron Johnson (LeAnn's son)
Kika Winder (Bryan's son) and Arena Wadsworth (Lori's daughter)
Hanging around the campfire
Brad Winder and Chris Hurst
Miss Maren Winder (Brad's daughter) (not really dressed for the mountain!)
Bryan Winder (and haha.. you don't have a facebook account so you won't even know if I put this on face book or not!)
LeAnn Johnson (You do have a facebook account- but I may just put this picture on anyways!)
Katie Jones (Kevin's daughter), Penny (holding Kamie), and Myndi (holding Kasey)
The delicious dutch-oven chicken
Logan and Nia measuring against each other
Arena Wadsworth and aunt Kristi
Jaxton Winder (he will be happy I have FINALLY updated the family blog) Thanks for the reminder, Jax!
Grandma Winder and her hubby, Dennis Stubblefield
Most of the grand-daughters and one great grand daughter!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Braden and Ekika
The grand-kids playing on Grandma's bed
Every one is BUSHED!!!
Julie and Chris listening to Bryan's stroies

Friday, February 6, 2009

Logan and Nia
Brad making Logan do all the work!!!!
Logan and Maren

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Colton singing on the Peach Days stage
Tyson playing the banjo
Maren, the backup singer
Brexen on his bike
Jaxton on his bike

Grandma & Nia watching the parade
Winder Towing
Kyler, Kyson, and Shania

Peach Days

Woodcox Kids
Brad & Cathie's kids